Avoid the Florida Marriage License Crisis

Wedding couple quarreling conflict bad relationshipsFlorida offers couples an array of wonderful options for a perfect wedding. But, while you’re busy with the wedding planning business, have you also taken care of all of the logistics?

Getting your marriage license may not sound like a big deal, but without it, you can’t get married! One of the most common problems that couples face before the wedding is forgetting to purchase their marriage license in advance. Florida has a mandatory 3 day waiting period before your marriage license is valid. This means that if you want to get married on a Friday, you would have needed to purchase your marriage license by at least Tuesday.

“Oh, no! We don’t have that sort of time!”

Don’t worry. Although Florida has a waiting period, there’s a fast and easy solution! The State of Florida believes in the importance of successful marriages, and offers couples the opportunity to skip the waiting period AND receive a discount off your marriage license when you spend at least 4 hours taking an approved premarital course.

“A premarital course? But, we don’t have any problems we need to talk about.”

It’s always good to feel comfortable and confident in your relationship, especially when you’re about to tie the knot! However, premarital counseling is designed to help you understand what you can expect after marriage and get both individuals most prepared to succeed. Whether you have topics you feel you still need to discuss or not, anyone could benefit from taking a premarital course. As an added bonus, it’s a fun activity for you to do as a couple and it’ll give you at least 4 hours away from wedding planning.

“What if I’m a Florida resident and my significant other is an out-of-state resident?”

As long as one individual is a Florida resident, you will be able to skip the 3 day waiting period and receive a marriage license discount of $32.50 by completing a premarital course.

“Do we both have to be there to purchase the marriage license?”

Yes! If you want to purchase a Florida marriage license, you both need to be present. In addition to this, you must have a valid ID and proof of age and residency. To get the discount and to skip the marriage license waiting period, you must show a certificate of completion at the time of purchase, as well. Purchasing a marriage license is a critical component for your wedding, so make sure to schedule a day where both you and your significant other can make the trip to the county clerk.

“We’re getting married in a different county… can we do that with our Florida marriage license?”

Absolutely! Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the effective date and can be used in any Florida county. The only stipulation is that within 10 days from the date the marriage is performed, the marriage license must be returned to the same Clerk’s office where the license was purchased.

“We’re coming to Florida for a destination wedding. What are the most important points for us to know?”

Non-residents have no waiting period and can get married immediately after they receive their marriage license. Unfortunately, non-residents are not able to receive a discount on their marriage license by taking a premarital course. However, doing so is still highly beneficial for any couple.

Whether you’re planning in advance or in a time crunch, we’re here to help. Sign up for our Florida Premarital Course and you’ll be set!

Love quote: One day, in your search for happiness…

Florida premarital course love quote

Love Quote

“One day, in your search for happiness, you discover a partner by your side, and you realize that your happiness has come to help you search.” ~ Robert Brault

This is a sweet love quote from Robert Brault. It’s a clever play on words calling your loved one “your happiness” and with it also meaning that person is your happiness. Then they also get on board on a voyage with you to jointly continue seeking happiness together. Onward life voyagers!


You can start an online voyage of new discoveries to enhance your marriage by taking our online premarital course together at FLPremaritalCourse.com – only you and “your happiness” can find out the interesting places you may go!

Planning a Wedding: Prevent Feeling Disconnected with Each Other

By Elizabeth Hekimian-Williams

coupleimagelayingheadsoppositedirectionsYou’re engaged and planning a wedding.

It’s certainly an exciting time! However, be aware and be careful to not let this happen to you… Some couples encounter a problem in the months and weeks before their wedding day. One or the other begins to feel disconnected to their partner.

Why would this happen if you are both in love, happy and perhaps spending even more time together than usual? Several things can factor into this feeling of disconnect…

Often it’s because couples end up spending less quality time together. Some couples spend less time together during the wedding planning phase, and others may even seem to spend more time together. However, the time is increasingly shared or diverted to others and task-oriented towards completing wedding arrangements through meetings with vendors, family, and friends. If you let it, it can be easy for time alone as a couple, connecting with each other and having fun, to dwindle.

Chores that must be done while wedding planning also take up a good portion of the couple’s enjoyable and romantic time. Chores are not necessarily fun, yet they must be done. Planning the logistics is often heavily placed in one person’s hands (traditionally the bride’s). This can also make one person very busy with tasks and to-do lists, not only distracting them and taking them away from their partner, but also feeling more resentment if they start feeling upset that they are doing more than their partner. Even when brides and grooms help each other to do the many tasks involved in planning a wedding, they are usually focused on just getting those things done, not in sharing intimate moments of meaningful interactions together.

In other cases, the disconnect can be related to the sometimes difficult process of negotiating through arguments and problem-solving with each other to finalize all of the decisions needed to realize a successful wedding day.

It’s hard to feel enamored with each other if you’ve been disagreeing on a line item on your list for the past several days.

What are some ideas that can help you both avoid feeling disconnected or alienated from each other while planning your wedding?

Schedule private time together for an enjoyable activity regularly (at least several times per week). Lunch together, mini-golf, time in the bedroom cuddling or more, and beach-time swimming and smooching all count. So does a half-hour of uninterrupted “just talking” time that does not involve wedding task talk or blaming talk.

Seriously consider using a wedding planner to handle many of the aspects you are trying to do yourself. If you don’t think your budget allows for this, develop the to-do lists together with your partner and agree early-on as to an equitable division of the tasks, before the going gets rougher.

Try to keep and encourage a sense of humor, comedy, and mischievousness with each other while out running errands and doing mundane chores off your to-do list. Keep the mood light and playful as often as possible while doing the chores. For example, try putting on a comedy show on the TV as background noise, listen to a funny song or to a compilation of these, have some jokes ready to tell each other, and make it a point to find and share funny things you’ve seen on video websites or on other social media with each other while working on wedding-related unexciting or repetitive-type tasks. The idea is to make your time together less boring, joyful and more fun.

Here’s one more idea for taking a break from the mundane and decreasing the feeling of disconnect with each other. Take a premarital preparation course. This is just-the-two of you time. And a premarital preparation course typically includes new topics for discussion that help you each learn more about each other. This type of communication often increases feelings of intimacy and connectedness.  Some premarital courses are found online and offer more interactive and lighthearted content and exercises (for example, ours at http://FLPremaritalCourse.com). This makes it easier to fit into your wedding planning schedule and also improves your enjoyment of spending this quality time together- all while you both gain marriage boosting skills that further you towards having not only a dream wedding, but also a dream marriage!

Mother of the Bride Traditions

motherbrideMothers of brides are deeply rooted in wedding traditions. Their involvement can range from hosting the engagement party and assisting in wedding planning, to gifting a sentimental piece of jewelry or clothing for the occasion. Although some brides and grooms may forgo some of these, the mothers and fathers of each are held in high regard.


Hosting the Engagement Party: Typically, the bride’s family will host the engagement party two to four months after the proposal. During this time, the family and the couple works together to create a list of people to invite and works to ensure that everyone on their list receives an invitation to the wedding.

Coordinated Attire: In general, the bride’s mother is given the first choice of colors (that match the wedding scheme) and the groom’s mother will coordinate with her to make sure that they don’t clash.

Wedding Planning: While mothers on both sides of the family will usually take part in this process, traditionally it is the mother of the bride that is most involved in the process. However, in many instances, entire families take on different roles during the wedding planning process which reduces the stress and burden on the couple.

Sentimental Value: On either side of the family, from both mothers and fathers, couples are often given gifts with a high sentimental value. A mother may give their daughter or daughter-in-law their wedding dress, a piece of jewelry passed down by generation, or something else entirely.

Begin a New Tradition…

Traditions are important. They strengthen family bonds, honor our ancestors and welcome new family members. A joyful tradition provides positive feelings and memories which will be re-lived later in life, as the tradition continues.

Marriage Planning: While the wedding planning is underway, also consider the couple’s plan for marriage. Offer the couple advice based on your experiences, and encourage them to take premarital counseling. Take initiative and send them a premarital course as a gift! While there is no doubt to the importance of a wedding, every couple aspires to achieve a healthy and happy marriage. Your gift to them will provide them with the tools they need to make it happen. Couples that take a premarital course are 30% less likely to seek a divorce. Plus, by taking the course, they will get a $32.50 discount on their marriage license and get to skip the 3-day waiting period (which is especially helpful if the couple hasn’t had time to get their marriage license and their wedding is just around the corner).

Visit http://FLPremaritalCourse.com to learn more about this premarital course and get them prepared for the happily-ever-after that they deserve.