Traits of Happy Couples

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Happy couples keep finding ways to improve their relationship

No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been together, there is always something you can do to improve your relationship. Couples in a relationship naturally want to experience nothing but bliss together. Learn the traits of happy couples, and start improving your relationship today!

1. Cultivating Common Interests

After the initial phase of excitement and passion, couples often realize that they don’t share as many interests as they originally thought. This can be a sad realization. However, happy couples accept the things they cannot change and work to develop more common interests together. By doing this, couples are able to find more activities to enjoy together that can spice up their life! It’s also important to develop your personal interests. This will allow you both to enjoy your own interests, without depending only on your partner to have fun.

2. Walking Together

Another characteristic of happy couples is walking hand-in-hand or side-by-side. By walking together, as a pair, couples tend to feel closer. Plus, it shows that there is equality in the relationship rather than one individual with dominant leadership roles. Couples that walk together realize the importance of their partner and place them ahead of their desire to get someplace or see sights more quickly.

3. View Your Partner In a Positive Light

Nobody is perfect — we all have our flaws. However, happy couples maintain a positive view of their partner. If you ever look for something your partner does wrong, you’re sure to find something. But, the same goes for the reverse. Couples that maintain their positive perspective pay more attention to the things their partner does right rather than wrong. These couples are much more likely to enjoy a long-lasting and successful relationship.

4. Saying Key Phrases

In relationships, you need to always show your significant other how much you care. Regardless of whether you had a terrible day, feel sick, or just had an argument, it is important to demonstrate that you want to be in the relationship. By always saying “I love you”, “Have a good day”, and “Good night”, you show your partner that they are genuinely important to you.

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Getting Married Soon? Get Some Creative Advice From Guests

Love messages from friends and family

The guest book. An elegant wedding tradition.

Planning a wedding is such a monumental task. Although it takes place in a short time frame, a wedding is such an important life event. Since it represents the union of two individuals, it’s heartwarming to see everyone who attends. It’s nice to be able to look back and remember all of the guests that came to support you as you transitioned from single to married people. During the wedding planning stages, couples typically incorporate some sort of guest book to help them remember those who came to support them as they made their vows.

Add a spin to the tradition.

In many cases, wedding guests have ideas that can go a long way towards helping you get your marriage started on the right foot. But it can be difficult to meet and talk with every single guest, and advice that you receive verbally can be easily forgotten (especially when your guest list is long!). We encourage you to remember the people who attend your wedding and value what advice they can offer, especially those that come from married couples. Here are a few fun and creative ways you can engage your guests and have a great wedding momento.

1. Polaroid Scrapbook 

Have a polaroid camera on a welcome table and have your guests take a photo. Once their photo is ready, they can write their name on the bottom and put it into a photo album. Beside their photo, they could write advice and good wishes for the newlyweds. This is a great way to gather photos of everyone that attended the wedding and get some advice from all of your guests!

2. Photo Puzzle

Another fun and unique idea is having a photo puzzle with a photo the couple has chosen. As guests arrive, they can pick a puzzle piece and write on the blank side. At the end of the event, the newelyweds will have a puzzle they can put together, glue and frame. As the newelyweds put their puzzle together, they’ll read all of the advice and wishes that their guests have given them.

3. Jenga Game

One of the most creative ideas that we’ve encountered is taking a game, such as Jenga, and having your guests write advice and wishes to the couple on a piece. Throughout the years as the couple plays the game, they will receive the advice and remember their wedding. What a fun way to get some advice and recall the day your lives were united.

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Avoid the Florida Marriage License Crisis

Wedding couple quarreling conflict bad relationshipsFlorida offers couples an array of wonderful options for a perfect wedding. But, while you’re busy with the wedding planning business, have you also taken care of all of the logistics?

Getting your marriage license may not sound like a big deal, but without it, you can’t get married! One of the most common problems that couples face before the wedding is forgetting to purchase their marriage license in advance. Florida has a mandatory 3 day waiting period before your marriage license is valid. This means that if you want to get married on a Friday, you would have needed to purchase your marriage license by at least Tuesday.

“Oh, no! We don’t have that sort of time!”

Don’t worry. Although Florida has a waiting period, there’s a fast and easy solution! The State of Florida believes in the importance of successful marriages, and offers couples the opportunity to skip the waiting period AND receive a discount off your marriage license when you spend at least 4 hours taking an approved premarital course.

“A premarital course? But, we don’t have any problems we need to talk about.”

It’s always good to feel comfortable and confident in your relationship, especially when you’re about to tie the knot! However, premarital counseling is designed to help you understand what you can expect after marriage and get both individuals most prepared to succeed. Whether you have topics you feel you still need to discuss or not, anyone could benefit from taking a premarital course. As an added bonus, it’s a fun activity for you to do as a couple and it’ll give you at least 4 hours away from wedding planning.

“What if I’m a Florida resident and my significant other is an out-of-state resident?”

As long as one individual is a Florida resident, you will be able to skip the 3 day waiting period and receive a marriage license discount of $32.50 by completing a premarital course.

“Do we both have to be there to purchase the marriage license?”

Yes! If you want to purchase a Florida marriage license, you both need to be present. In addition to this, you must have a valid ID and proof of age and residency. To get the discount and to skip the marriage license waiting period, you must show a certificate of completion at the time of purchase, as well. Purchasing a marriage license is a critical component for your wedding, so make sure to schedule a day where both you and your significant other can make the trip to the county clerk.

“We’re getting married in a different county… can we do that with our Florida marriage license?”

Absolutely! Marriage licenses are valid for 60 days from the effective date and can be used in any Florida county. The only stipulation is that within 10 days from the date the marriage is performed, the marriage license must be returned to the same Clerk’s office where the license was purchased.

“We’re coming to Florida for a destination wedding. What are the most important points for us to know?”

Non-residents have no waiting period and can get married immediately after they receive their marriage license. Unfortunately, non-residents are not able to receive a discount on their marriage license by taking a premarital course. However, doing so is still highly beneficial for any couple.

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Mother of the Bride Traditions

motherbrideMothers of brides are deeply rooted in wedding traditions. Their involvement can range from hosting the engagement party and assisting in wedding planning, to gifting a sentimental piece of jewelry or clothing for the occasion. Although some brides and grooms may forgo some of these, the mothers and fathers of each are held in high regard.


Hosting the Engagement Party: Typically, the bride’s family will host the engagement party two to four months after the proposal. During this time, the family and the couple works together to create a list of people to invite and works to ensure that everyone on their list receives an invitation to the wedding.

Coordinated Attire: In general, the bride’s mother is given the first choice of colors (that match the wedding scheme) and the groom’s mother will coordinate with her to make sure that they don’t clash.

Wedding Planning: While mothers on both sides of the family will usually take part in this process, traditionally it is the mother of the bride that is most involved in the process. However, in many instances, entire families take on different roles during the wedding planning process which reduces the stress and burden on the couple.

Sentimental Value: On either side of the family, from both mothers and fathers, couples are often given gifts with a high sentimental value. A mother may give their daughter or daughter-in-law their wedding dress, a piece of jewelry passed down by generation, or something else entirely.

Begin a New Tradition…

Traditions are important. They strengthen family bonds, honor our ancestors and welcome new family members. A joyful tradition provides positive feelings and memories which will be re-lived later in life, as the tradition continues.

Marriage Planning: While the wedding planning is underway, also consider the couple’s plan for marriage. Offer the couple advice based on your experiences, and encourage them to take premarital counseling. Take initiative and send them a premarital course as a gift! While there is no doubt to the importance of a wedding, every couple aspires to achieve a healthy and happy marriage. Your gift to them will provide them with the tools they need to make it happen. Couples that take a premarital course are 30% less likely to seek a divorce. Plus, by taking the course, they will get a $32.50 discount on their marriage license and get to skip the 3-day waiting period (which is especially helpful if the couple hasn’t had time to get their marriage license and their wedding is just around the corner).

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What Not To Say to Your Significant Other


We’ve all been told at some point in our lives to “think before we speak”. In relationships, it is very important to give proper thought before discussing certain topics. Especially if you hope to mutually agree on some type of change. Here are some serious topics that couples occasionally need to discuss, and how you can approach the topics with the degree of care that your significant other deserves.

1. More Time Together

Your Mission: To express your interest in spending more time with your partner. You used to spend tons of time together, but life has gotten in the way!

Don’t Say: “I’m very unhappy with the amount of time we spend together.”
Saying it in this way can easily be taken as offensive, and could make your partner immediately unhappy with the direction of the conversation. It is also very vague and could make your partner imagine the worst.

Do Say: “Remember when we were able to go on dates every week? I was thinking we could try to spend some more time together. I really miss that.”
This strengthens your bond as you recall your past history together and it gets your intention across clearly. Even if you are both busy and can’t squeeze much time in for fun together, your partner will likely have mutual feelings and be open to making attempts to make it happen.

2. More Time Apart

Your Mission: To tell your partner that, while you love them, you want some private time to spend out with the girls/boys.

Don’t Say: “I need some space.”
Not only can this be very rude (depending on the tone and inflection that is used), but this phrase is often said when a relationship is in critical danger. Your partner could take this to mean that you’re not happy within the relationship. It could make them feel like they aren’t providing for your emotional or physical needs. Don’t make your partner fear the worst simply because you’d like to spend more time with your family or friends, or do something that you enjoy that they don’t.

Do Say: “It’s been so long since I’ve gone out with/to [insert name/activity]. I love spending time with you, but I’d also like to dedicate some of my time to doing that. Maybe while I’m out, you can go [insert activity].”
Saying something like the above offers the opportunity to discuss the topic in a calm and approachable manner. It also indicates that you place value on the time that is spent with your partner and that you don’t simply want to escape from him. By giving him an idea of what he could do while you go off to do your own activities, there is a better chance of him understanding the reasons for your desire to spend time doing your own thing. For example, if he doesn’t spend time with his friends very often because you don’t particularly get along well with them, he could see them and enjoy himself while you do something you enjoy, elsewhere.

3. Finances

Your Mission: Get a low-stress discussion on finances started.

Don’t Say: “We need to talk about our finances.”
This phrase just sounds ominous! It can almost sound like you’re placing the financial blame on your partner right from the start. In this case, it could lead to defensive behavior and create a tense environment to talk about this topic. Remember, money is one of the most common reasons that people argue. By thinking carefully before approaching this topic, you will both be able to more effectively handle the tasks ahead.

Do Say: “Could you help me work on our finances?”
This simple question, when asked with respect, is a perfect lead-in for this discussion. Money can be a stressful topic, but by including yourself in the question directly, you aren’t placing blame. Instead, you are indicating that you would like the share the load. Not only that, by asking for your significant other to take part, you are demonstrating that their opinions are valuable and desired.

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Beating Boredom in Your Relationship

boredcoupleOver time, couples often find themselves in a steady state, where the relationship’s initial highs and lows smooth out into a more predictable pattern. During this time, friendship matters as much, or more than sexual passion. Although this relaxed state can be comfortable and fulfilling, sometimes relationships experience a sort of boredom that occurs when the steady state shifts from comfort to stagnation.

How can you combat boredom in your relationship?

Communicate your feelings with your partner. It’s possible that your partner is becoming discontent with the routine that your relationship has fallen into, as well. Since everyone is different, is it important to communicate these issues. After all, what is boring to you might be exciting or neutral to someone else. Once you determine where you both stand, you can figure out the best method to spice up your relationship.

Predictability is the most common reason for boredom in a relationship. The best way to resolve it is to find ways to change up your routine. You can do this by taking part in some of the things your partner enjoys, and vice versa. Additionally, you can go out of your way to do new things together or engage in some friendly competition. You could also consider working towards a healthier future together by getting active.

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Friendly Competition in Couples


Competition: Too Much vs. Too Little

Competition, often associated with arguing and fighting, is usually considered a negative aspect within a relationship. But did you know that in a relationship where there is too little competition, there might be less passion? Utilizing some friendly competition can help you achieve a happy medium which will keep your relationship interesting and fun.

Spice Up Your Life With Friendly Competition

Doing activities together that provide a means to enjoy some friendly competition can go a long way in keeping your relationship interesting and exciting. In a 2009 study by Kelton Research, 80% of respondents indicated that they would enjoy playing video games with their partner. While it might not be the most romantic of activities, it provides both individuals the opportunity to compete against each other in a healthy way. MSNBC conducted a similar study which identified that 55% of respondents actually do play video games together as a couple activity. This type of activity provides a fun thing to do together, and can also be used to release tension and stress.

Competitive Activities

There are tons of fun activities that can be used. For example: ping-pong, pool/billards, darts, chess, tennis, foosball, various board games, etc. While many games were originally designed to be played by more than two players at a time, they can be easily converted to meet your needs.

How “Friendly Competition” Works

Playing against each other can be thrilling, but sometimes it can bring out undesirable outcomes. Put extra effort into being a good team player by being supportive, and offering genuine acknowledgements on their achievements (whether they win or lose in the end). Do your best to find activities that both of you are nearly equal matches in, so that the win/lose ratios for either individual is never too extreme. Remember also, that your significant other is your teammate for life. With that in mind, many couples enjoy teaming up with their partner against other opponents. If you or your partner feel this way, be understanding. You can always arrange to challenge each other at a different time.

Remember: While some competition can keep your relationship exciting, success only comes to those that have positive experiences. Both individuals in the relationship need to demonstrate respectful, supportive behaviors, and keep the game fun for everyone.



5 Marriage Myths Debunked

Love is such a simple, beautiful thing. However, converting it into marriage and keeping it alive isn’t always that easy. There are many marriage myths that exist that, by paying attention to them, can be truly detrimental to your relationship. Check out how we have debunked five of the most popular marriage myths. Rather than allowing yourselves to fall victim to these myths, use the knowledge they provide to improve your relationship.

#1 Arguing and disagreements can destroy a relationship.

Disagreements, although unpleasant, provide couples with the opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

Disagreements, although unpleasant, provide couples with the opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

Nobody is perfect. Understanding this, it should be apparent that there will always be some disagreements as you each try to get your ideas and perspectives across to your partner. Although most people don’t wish to be in these situations, times of conflict give you and your partner the chance to improve communication and strengthen your bond. However, arguing and disagreements can destroy a relationship if the couple fails to keep communication strong. Couples should be aware that every relationship has disagreements and that in order to reach marital success, the couple must rise above the problem together (See: Don’t Let It Rain on Your Relationship Parade).

#2 You will both grow closer with time, automatically.

Unlike what some songs would have you believe, love isn’t always easy. In fact, it takes time, effort and commitment. One of the most common reasons for divorce is “falling out of love” or drifting apart. In order to get into a specific career, you had to train and get educated so that you could succeed. Similarly, if you want to have a long-lasting and happy relationship, you need to consistently spend quality time together, and work through any rough patches that you might encounter.

#3 You must do everything together to make your marriage work.

Although spending quality time together is important, each individual in a relationship is unique and has their own goals, dreams and desires. While marriage signifies that both individuals choose to integrate into the other’s life, it should not feel like either individual cannot do things that they enjoy. Remember that every marriage is different. Some couples may prefer more alone time, while others may enjoy more time spent together.

#4 Married people have less satisfying sex lives.

After marriage, couples feel closer both emotionally and physically. According to a large-scale national study, married couples experienced more satisfaction in this regard than their single counterparts.

#5 Good luck and romantic love are the keys to success for long-lasting marital success.

Although good luck can keep tension down and romantic love provides the spark for the relationship, long-lasting marital success is attributed to many things including strong communication, dedicated time together, remaining faithful, and being a friend for your partner. There are many other factors that play an important role in establishing a joyful marriage, and every relationship may have their own specific key for success.

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Unique Engagement Gifts That Encourage a Healthy Marriage

bigstock-young-couple-dancing-19438625Engagement parties are one of the highlights for the newly engaged couple. Finding truly meaningful and unique engagement gifts to celebrate can be a struggle. Here are some gift suggestions that can help promote a strong marriage.

  1. Various themed books. This includes funny or sweet couple activity books, marriage themed cookbooks and more. This type of gift provides the couple with something that they can do together for fun to create new memories, and reminds them of joyful past experiences that they have had together.
  2. A pre-paid outing. While this doesn’t have to be an expensive gift, it should allow the couple to get out of the house and enjoy an activity together. Examples of this could include a trip to a museum, theme park admission, movie tickets, or something else entirely. Since couples tend to jump straight into wedding planning as soon as they get engaged, this gives them the opportunity to celebrate and enjoy their newfound status by going on a fun, romantic date.
  3. Do something artsy with some photos of the couple. Did you know? Young adults with big grins in their photos are less likely to get divorced in the future. Find a few photos of the happy couple and encourage them to remember that fact! It’s certainly something to smile about.
  4. Give them something to look forward to. If the couple has a favorite hobby, they might enjoy being part of a monthly membership club for wine, chocolates, fruit, magazines, or something else entirely. Between jobs and wedding planning, their lives might feel hectic, but these gifts will provide much needed stress release and valuable alone time to enjoy one another’s company.
  5. Give them a discount on their marriage license. With all of the things that go into a wedding, the most important is the purchase of a marriage license. Without it, a wedding can’t happen. By purchasing access to an online premarital course, the couple can get a discount off their marriage license of $32.50 and bypass the 3-day waiting period. Plus, they will learn a lot of valuable information to help them achieve a great marriage. However, it is important to be sure that they plan to get married within a year of taking the premarital course.


Advice for Newly Engaged Couples


Newly engaged? Learn how to fill your time with bliss and reduce wedding stress!

Newly engaged couples have a lot of exciting things to look forward to. After all, once you get engaged, the next step is marriage. Right?

Wrong! For some couples, getting engaged is a simple, blissful event. Couples that have been together for a long period of time may already consider themselves in a state of pre-engagement, that simply becomes official after the presentation of the ring. For others, regardless of their time spent in the relationship, newly engaged couples may feel excited and overwhelmed with everything that they believe comes with the ring. Here is some advice that can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed and maintain the joy of your new status.

Don’t rush into the wedding planning. Often, a groom-to-be has striven to plan a perfect proposal. They might have spent months looking for the perfect ring, or selecting a location. Take some time to enjoy their endeavor, celebrate each other, and give him a break from planning another major life event. It may be exciting to jump into the wedding planning stages, but enjoying your engagement should be at the top of your list of to-do’s for at least a few weeks.

Continue going on dates. Romance and dates don’t end on the day you get your ring, or after you get married. Don’t allow yourself or your soon-to-be spouse to get used to a dateless life together. Instead, take turns planning special night for each other. Make an effort to establish a consistent date night that you can both count on. This will give you the opportunity to have quality time together away from jobs and other responsibilities. Getting into this routine will set a precedent throughout marriage and will keep your marriage joyful.

Reduce your social media influence. The use of social media has skyrocketed, and is now a major way to document life events. However, it is recommended to reduce your social media posts during the wedding planning process. By doing this, you can prevent self-invited guests (which can cause a lot of unwanted wedding drama) and unsolicited advice.

Plan the wedding together. Some couples believe that the bride and the mothers should be the only one tasked with the wedding planning. However, wedding planning is one of the most stressful things that will be done in your relationship! In fact, the stress of planning can cause problems between couples if there is not cooperation. Remember that the day is for both of you, and the most important people that should be making the decisions are the bride and groom. Encourage others to get involved, but remember that the final decisions need to be made jointly by the couple.

Take a premarital course. Committing yourself to marriage is the most significant action you can take as a couple. Before you tie the knot, it’s important to understand your partner completely. Make sure you are both aware of what your partner hopes to gain from marriage, their religious views, and how you anticipate spending your future together. Plus, doing this will give you a break from the intense wedding planning process and offer you both the chance to relax and talk openly with each other.