Beating Boredom in Your Relationship

boredcoupleOver time, couples often find themselves in a steady state, where the relationship’s initial highs and lows smooth out into a more predictable pattern. During this time, friendship matters as much, or more than sexual passion. Although this relaxed state can be comfortable and fulfilling, sometimes relationships experience a sort of boredom that occurs when the steady state shifts from comfort to stagnation.

How can you combat boredom in your relationship?

Communicate your feelings with your partner. It’s possible that your partner is becoming discontent with the routine that your relationship has fallen into, as well. Since everyone is different, is it important to communicate these issues. After all, what is boring to you might be exciting or neutral to someone else. Once you determine where you both stand, you can figure out the best method to spice up your relationship.

Predictability is the most common reason for boredom in a relationship. The best way to resolve it is to find ways to change up your routine. You can do this by taking part in some of the things your partner enjoys, and vice versa. Additionally, you can go out of your way to do new things together or engage in some friendly competition. You could also consider working towards a healthier future together by getting active.

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