Car Rides and Relationships

Fight Over Makeup In Car

“I can’t believe you’re putting on makeup in the car!”

Have you ever had an argument with your significant other while driving? Believe it or not, disagreements in the car happen pretty frequently. Some studies suggest that most couples can’t go more than 22 minutes in a car together without getting frustrated with something– whether it  be an issue with directions, speeding, or something else entirely. Minor issues like this don’t seem like much, however, they can lead to relationship tension if you don’t resolve them properly

The average driver logs about 37 miles per day, or 13,476 miles per year on their car. Regardless of whether you’re traveling to work, visiting family and friends, or running errands, it seems natural that you and your significant other will wind up in a car together. Does it have to be a bad thing?

For some, driving together can become a cherished couple’s activity. It provides an opportunity to discuss the things on your mind, especially when you wish you could spend more time together. Plus, since the focus of the driver is on the road, it can sometimes be easier to discuss sensitive topics. However, while commuting together can be a blessing, there are also negatives to consider, too. Sarah Fletcher, a relationship counselor in London explains, “Couples can say things – sometimes which might be difficult – in the car without the other one being able to walk away – it’s a captive audience.” Without being able to walk away, some couples may find it harder to resolve arguments calmly.

But what do most couples actually argue about while they drive?

According to AAPopulus who did a survey on 23,000 Brittish drivers, the top 10 causes for in-car arguments are:

  1. Knowing where to go
  2. Driving too fast
  3. Not asking for directions
  4. Noisy children
  5. Shouting at other drivers
  6. Car temperature
  7. Not agreeing where to eat
  8. Not agreeing on what to listen to
  9. Topic of conversation
  10. Driving too slowly

So how do you prevent such minor issues from escalating? Well, when you notice your discussion turning into an argument, put the proverbial brakes on! After all, your relationship shouldn’t be clouded by such silly arguments. If something is bothering you, take a deep breath and discuss it. It’s important to get these things out in the open. If you don’t know where to go, ask your partner for recommendations on what they think you should do — and be open to their ideas. If something you’re doing makes them uncomfortable, such as driving too fast, be considerate of them and make a change to your driving behavior. After all, vehicles can easily be deadly… don’t place the person you care about at risk. Instead, use the time you have in your car as a chance to reconnect with one another. Nowadays, busy schedules keep people apart. A pleasant and safe car ride is one way to give you some much-needed quality time together.

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