5 Marriage Myths Debunked

Love is such a simple, beautiful thing. However, converting it into marriage and keeping it alive isn’t always that easy. There are many marriage myths that exist that, by paying attention to them, can be truly detrimental to your relationship. Check out how we have debunked five of the most popular marriage myths. Rather than allowing yourselves to fall victim to these myths, use the knowledge they provide to improve your relationship.

#1 Arguing and disagreements can destroy a relationship.

Disagreements, although unpleasant, provide couples with the opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

Disagreements, although unpleasant, provide couples with the opportunity to strengthen their relationship.

Nobody is perfect. Understanding this, it should be apparent that there will always be some disagreements as you each try to get your ideas and perspectives across to your partner. Although most people don’t wish to be in these situations, times of conflict give you and your partner the chance to improve communication and strengthen your bond. However, arguing and disagreements can destroy a relationship if the couple fails to keep communication strong. Couples should be aware that every relationship has disagreements and that in order to reach marital success, the couple must rise above the problem together (See: Don’t Let It Rain on Your Relationship Parade).

#2 You will both grow closer with time, automatically.

Unlike what some songs would have you believe, love isn’t always easy. In fact, it takes time, effort and commitment. One of the most common reasons for divorce is “falling out of love” or drifting apart. In order to get into a specific career, you had to train and get educated so that you could succeed. Similarly, if you want to have a long-lasting and happy relationship, you need to consistently spend quality time together, and work through any rough patches that you might encounter.

#3 You must do everything together to make your marriage work.

Although spending quality time together is important, each individual in a relationship is unique and has their own goals, dreams and desires. While marriage signifies that both individuals choose to integrate into the other’s life, it should not feel like either individual cannot do things that they enjoy. Remember that every marriage is different. Some couples may prefer more alone time, while others may enjoy more time spent together.

#4 Married people have less satisfying sex lives.

After marriage, couples feel closer both emotionally and physically. According to a large-scale national study, married couples experienced more satisfaction in this regard than their single counterparts.

#5 Good luck and romantic love are the keys to success for long-lasting marital success.

Although good luck can keep tension down and romantic love provides the spark for the relationship, long-lasting marital success is attributed to many things including strong communication, dedicated time together, remaining faithful, and being a friend for your partner. There are many other factors that play an important role in establishing a joyful marriage, and every relationship may have their own specific key for success.

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