About The Florida Premarital Course

What is the Florida Premarital Course?

FLPremaritalCourse.com is your gateway to a rewarding, lifelong marriage. Allow us to provide you with interactive, engaging content and guidance that will help you learn more about each other. By taking a premarital course, you will reduce your chances of divorce, and qualify to receive your Florida marriage license at a slightly reduced rate. This course was written by a highly qualified licensed mental health counselor with over 20 years of experience, and has been designed to be fully online and compatible with mobile devices allowing couples to take the course at their leisure.

Getting married is a significant life choice. It isn’t something that anyone¬†should jump into unprepared. We invite you to use the articles and information provided here as an additional resource to complement the course, both before and after marriage. Moving forward in your marriage, you will surely experience joy and excitement. However, you may also encounter unexpected struggles. We aspire to provide you with the knowledge you need to pave the way to a bright future with the love of your life.

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