Mother of the Bride Traditions

motherbrideMothers of brides are deeply rooted in wedding traditions. Their involvement can range from hosting the engagement party and assisting in wedding planning, to gifting a sentimental piece of jewelry or clothing for the occasion. Although some brides and grooms may forgo some of these, the mothers and fathers of each are held in high regard.


Hosting the Engagement Party: Typically, the bride’s family will host the engagement party two to four months after the proposal. During this time, the family and the couple works together to create a list of people to invite and works to ensure that everyone on their list receives an invitation to the wedding.

Coordinated Attire: In general, the bride’s mother is given the first choice of colors (that match the wedding scheme) and the groom’s mother will coordinate with her to make sure that they don’t clash.

Wedding Planning: While mothers on both sides of the family will usually take part in this process, traditionally it is the mother of the bride that is most involved in the process. However, in many instances, entire families take on different roles during the wedding planning process which reduces the stress and burden on the couple.

Sentimental Value: On either side of the family, from both mothers and fathers, couples are often given gifts with a high sentimental value. A mother may give their daughter or daughter-in-law their wedding dress, a piece of jewelry passed down by generation, or something else entirely.

Begin a New Tradition…

Traditions are important. They strengthen family bonds, honor our ancestors and welcome new family members. A joyful tradition provides positive feelings and memories which will be re-lived later in life, as the tradition continues.

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