The Benefits of Marriage

Becoming Healthier

If you’re considering marriage, you will soon have access to a multitude of benefits. According to many studies, married men and women typically live longer than their unmarried counterparts. The likelihood of disease is also reduced. During a survey of more than 3.5 million American men and women, medical professionals identified that married couples have a 5 percent lower risk of having cardiovascular disease. In addition to this, married couples tend to be healthier mentally and physically. However, according to Christine Proulx, an assistant professor at the University of Missouri Department of Human Development and Family Studies, both positive and negative relationships impact a person’s health. This indicates that the many health benefits attributed to marriage are only present for couples that are happily married.

Practical Benefits

During times of crisis, spouses have visitation rights to hospitals and can make important medical decisions on behalf of their spouse in the event that they have suffered a severe injury or illness. In addition to this, most employers offer family sick leave, bereavement leave, and family health insurance to their employees. This provides couples with a less expensive option for health insurance. Although unfortunate, approximately 50% of marriages fail. In the event that there is dissolution of marriage, the distribution of property and award of child custody and support is determined. This uniform system of sorting out a relationship end doesn’t exist outside of marriage, and makes it an important practical benefit.

Financial Rewards

The addition of a new income plus the many tax and consumer benefits indicate that there are many financial rewards associated with marriage. Lisa Arnold and Christina Campbell, authors of “The High Price of Being Single in America” state that over the course of a lifetime, a single woman could pay an extra $1,022,096 in costs compared to a married woman with the same income. Married couples that file joint income tax returns will likely qualify for a greater refund. In addition, they can be treated as an economic unit and obtain joint health, home, and auto policies at a discounted rate. Also, if both spouses have good credit, there will be an immediate credit increase. This will further their financial rewards by allowing them to get better home and auto loans. Other financial benefits that are available in some instances include disability, social security, and pension.


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